Last night was a difficult night. Our little S has colic so she is suffering as am I. I spent the whole day with a headache, irritable and honestly feeling a little sorry for myself. Yes, it happens to us all. Motherhood brings us to our true limit, tests us every day. I felt better when I went to fetch my friend V to go to our little ones pre-school meeting. I was able to chill out a little returning to my normal world even if it was just for an hour. Conversations, laughter, and just trivial things like complaining about school meetings.

It was after the meeting that I got a phone call. My friend C was at my door and she was having a hard time. Her daughter is sick, hospitalized, and things are unfortunately not going well. We talked to her a little bit while sitting in the car. We spoke but did not say much. Because what can you say in a situation like this to a desperate mother? We can only really show her that we are here for her whatever comes, even if it is only for a hug on the way between the hospital and home. I admire her. I admire her a lot. I ask the universe for little M to get better fast and is able to get some rest. She and everyone who is worried about her.

The visit from C affected me deeply. Although it was only for the few moments we had outside, it made me stop. Stop and think. To think ‘There is always someone who is suffering more than you.’
Made me think about S´s colic and realizing that it is nothing to compare with what many parents around the world are going through with their kids. Made me think that I have to be strong and keep the boat afloat because I’m lucky to have my 3 healthy daughters at home with me. Made me think that we take a lot to heart that we shouldn´t. There is so much more to life!

Sitting in the kitchen while the thermomix makes me dinner, I look at my kids and today I’m really going to try not to get upset with the screaming, with the constant fights over toys, not wanting to eat, not wanting to go to bed. Today I will try to really be present and enjoy them.

I end this post with sadness in my heart for my friends and for M .. But I will try to put aside this sadness and fill my heart with hope, because that does bring good energy to our lives. And to my friend C, we’re here, all of us. OUR Tribe. Our tribe just wanting the best for you and ready to help- whatever it takes.

That’s why my friends, I tell you tonight to fill your heart with love, leave the superficial things behind. Give your children one more kiss today just for the simple fact that they are home with you. And please send positive energy into the universe for our M.

C, we’re here.
Your tribe.

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