Building my Tribe

“It takes a village” – African quote

This is a quote I seem to be muttering to myself an awful lot lately…

Hi, my name is Daniela. I am 29 years old and a working wife and mother. I was born in South Africa, lived in Mozambique and am currently setting up Hut in Portugal. I have been married for almost 7 years and we have 3 amazing little girls. M is 6 going on 16, Z is 3 and little bear S is almost 3 months old. Life is chaos to say the least at the moment! Oh, did I mention the dog? Yes, adding to the chaos is our 1 year old French Bulldog “Kikas”.

Getting back to my quote, “it takes a village”. I strive to do everything on my own, but I am slowly realising that maybe my countrymen have it figured out. We really do need our family and our friends even more after having children.

I have been thinking of opening a blog for a long time now, guess I finally bit the bullet. Now lets see if I know what the heck I´m doing!

As I am currently living in Portugal, excuse me if some of my entries are in Portuguese. This blog is going to be a little cocktail of all things Dany. I will share my thoughts on motherhood, marriage, friends, family, cooking, organizing life, the chaos and eveything in between.

Read on to have a look into my life-

Building my Tribe.